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Chillaz Story

It all began in Hong Kong. Ulf Kattnig worked for one of the largest textile producers in the world, acting as a middleman between designers and brands and production in Asia. He was constantly on the move between continents and airports and the numerous production facilities. These customers included one of the biggest climbing brands. Familiar with all the fibers and new technologies, Ulf suggested adding stretch to the climbing pants to allow more mobility. In vain – too expensive, not necessary, they said!

That can’t be – us climbers want that! There was only one way out – to start a brand ourselves! Back in Hong Kong – a phone call with his friend Florian Proxauf: “Hey Floh, I know what we’re going to do in the future – we’re going to start a climbing brand!”. Silence at the other end, then “Cool!”.

It was to be a quiet brand. The paths between design, prototype and production were to be kept short. Manageable. Familiar, so to speak. Production should not be located in Asia, but close to the fibers to avoid unnecessary travel. The location must have a high level of expertise in textiles and human rights must be respected – so there was only one option for us – Turkey!

In the first year, we were able to get 40 retailers enthusiastic about Chillaz. Ulf is still grateful to every single one of them today! You made it possible for the Chillaz brand to exist today. It is all the more wonderful that all these retailers are still our customers today – we share a passion for nature and sport. Unfortunately, one of these customers also left us far too early – Ralf, we miss you!

In 2003, love brought Sandra Kattnig (then Emmer) and Ulf together. As a passionate climber, climbing trainer and retailer, it was not foreseeable at the time that she had so many talents lying dormant. A women’s collection was needed, which from then on became an important part of the Chillaz story.

In 2004, Florian Proxauf dropped out and successfully completed his law studies! Today, he runs a sizeable law firm in Innsbruck and continues to support the Chillaz Family as a lawyer and friend.

Time To Chill

The brand name “Chillaz” is derived from “chill, relax, be calm” and the ingenious climbing area “Zillertal”.

The passion for climbing and outdoor sports is the inspiration for Chillaz

Our passion became our profession! Chillaz stands for honesty, innovation and great materials. We want to produce garments that people want to wear every day, even when they are past their prime.

"A climbing brand with heart and soul"

“We could never have done it without family and friends”

Sandra & Ulf