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Plus size collection

Discover optimum comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement

With specially selected, breathable and stretchy materials that ensure a perfect fit, Chillaz clothing is designed to offer you maximum comfort, even in plus sizes. The generous cuts ensure unrestricted freedom of movement, while the smart designs and features help you focus on your training.


Gandia Out In Nature


Gandia Little Bear Heart

aqua green

Gandia Time To Chill


Hide The Best


Fancy Flower


Leoben Grasses


Summer Splash


Summer Splash

denim blue


Out In Nature

dark blue

Mountain Patch


Chillaz Rope

dark red


dark red

Equality and inclusivity

Our plus size cuts ensure comfort and freedom of movement without sacrificing style and function. Our selected pieces are available in plus sizes because we believe that everyone deserves the same choice. At Chillaz, all sizes are welcome and equal.

High-quality materials

Durability, breathability and moisture management are particularly important when the body is in motion. Our materials are carefully selected to ensure they can withstand the demands of climbing while increasing comfort.

High stretch

The high percentage of stretch allows greater freedom of movement and ensures a better fit so that the clothing adapts perfectly to the body. Our plus size collection therefore offers the necessary functionality and comfort for all sporting activities.

Same prices

At Chillaz, we firmly believe that everyone should enjoy the pleasure and comfort of our clothing, regardless of size. That’s why we are proud to offer our plus size collection at the same price as our standard collection.