Materials - Chillaz

Environmentally friendly fibers

We want to avoid long delivery routes, not only from production to the Chillaz headquarters, but also for the distances our fibers travel. That’s why we source our fibers exclusively from Europe. Of course, we don’t just pay attention to the kilometers our materials travel, but also to the use of recycled materials to conserve resources and to animal welfare when using wool. The most important thing for Chillaz – to protect nature and all its inhabitants and to treat them with respect.

Modal and Lyocell from TENCEL™

TENCEL™ is a brand that produces lyocell and modal fibers. These are man-made fibers with cellulose as a raw material, which can be produced from waste from the wood and paper industry and therefore do not require large agricultural areas to be produced. Compared to viscose production, lyocell is a more ecological alternative as it requires fewer chemicals and less water to produce. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers have the ability to absorb moisture and provide a comfortable feel, while the silky feel of TENCEL™ Modal fibers is gentle on the skin and improves the softness of the fabrics.


Lycra® fibers ensure lasting comfort. A high-quality elastomeric fiber that is significantly more robust and therefore more durable than other elastane fibers. Fabrics containing Lycra® fibers ensure durable clothing that moves with the body and does not lose its fit even after many wears and washes.


The world’s best-known fiber, not unaffected by certain cultivation methods. However, when cotton is grown in suitable areas with appropriate crop rotation, cotton is a fiber with great properties for textile use. From a wide variety of possible dyes, to a pleasant feel and good fiber properties in terms of fineness and robustness, cotton offers a very good all-round package.

Clothes you wear for a long time

Sustainability in the textile industry has many factors. In addition to production that is as sustainable as possible, short supply chains and the use of environmentally friendly fibers, it is important that clothing is more durable and can be used for longer. Buy less, wear longer – developing clothing that is durable, repairable and easy to care for is a prerequisite for counteracting the trend towards “fast fashion”. The production of textiles always generates CO2 emissions. The only way to reduce emissions is to produce less. With just two collections a year, we are already keeping our footprint smaller than brands that launch between 12 and 24 collections a year. At the same time, we develop fiber combinations that don’t lose their nerve on the roughest rocks and remain a reliable companion in sports as well as in everyday life.


Synthetic fibers have become an indispensable part of the clothing industry. Especially in terms of moisture transport and abrasion resistance, these fibers achieve values that cannot be achieved with natural fibers. As these fibers are not easily degradable in the environment, we take care to use the fibers only where it makes sense to make the garment more robust and comfortable in order to extend the product life cycle.


Recycled wool is a good way of protecting nature and animals in textile production. The recycled wool fabric is sorted by color and mechanically broken down into its individual parts. The wool fibers are then spun into yarn again and can be reprocessed in production. A major advantage of recycled wool is that the fabrics do not have to be dyed as the wool has already been sorted. This results in a wide variety of colors in the pieces, which gives each collection its very own charm. By using recycled wool, no animals have to drop their fur again and the energy required for sorting the colors is not too high, which keeps the C02 footprint low.

The new collection Summer 2024

Discover the new Chillaz summer collection. Immerse yourself in the bright colors and enjoy comfort and lasting functionality. With its playful design, this collection is not only suitable for sporting activities, but also as stylish everyday wear to enrich your summer days.