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The Chillaz principle

Many companies claim to comply with the textile industry’s Code of Conduct – but what does that mean? The Code of Conduct describes that the legal framework conditions of each country are adhered to. These include minimum wages, women’s rights, dismissal rights, working hours and so on. In many countries, the minimum wage is so low that employees cannot live on it despite working 80 hours a week, let alone feed their families. A fact that is absolutely not in line with our internal Chillaz Codex. For over 20 years, we have had the privilege of working exclusively with a family business in Turkey (Istanbul/Büyükçekmece). The owner Tuncay manages about 100 employees there. We want to make sure that everyone who works for us, whether at the headquarters in Vomp or in production in Turkey, is financially secure and happy to be part of the Chillaz family.

We guarantee our employees in production that they can feed their families and provide their children with a good education while working 43 hours a week.



The insurance for the pension is covered by the employer.

Travel costs


Complete coverage of travel costs to and from work.



Tea and cookies during breaks and a hot lunch are provided by the employer.

Working hours


43 hours per week – no overtime!



5 weeks paid vacation!



Compliance with hygiene standards (clean workplaces, toilets, etc.)

A second home

Many employees have been with Chillaz for over 20 years – I know their children and have been able to take part in many a school event. Some of them are studying in Turkey and abroad. A doctor comes to the company every Friday to check that we are complying with everything and employees can get free treatment – I think this makes our principles very different from those of the textile industry’s Code of Conduct. Because we don’t just adhere to minimum requirements, we always strive to create the best working environment for our team and perhaps this is the point that makes us most proud. We have managed to produce goods under these conditions that fetch market prices, with a team that I can only bow down to.

Ulf Kattnig

Chillaz International GmbH


Despite our different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, we share similar values. A visit to this company means coming home.

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